The String Pulse Experience

The String Pulse Experience was born when I partnered with violinist Daisy Jopling ( to realize a common dream: creating a project that would connect youth with the magic of live performance on stage. String Pulse connects hundreds of kids from local and international schools in a single performance, a Gala that showcases their talents and inner light. They learn and rehearse music written by Jopling and I with their music teachers during the school year, and work with personal tutors, themselves professional musicians, learning firsthand the discipline it takes to prepare for a show. I also visit these schools to tutor a few select students and collaborate to create featured solos and small group acts highlighting their budding beatbox, body percussion and dance talent.

The String Pulse Experience is an ongoing annual project. It has performed at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, NYC and won the 2015 & 2017 Lake Placid award for theater.

  • Guitar
  • Dancing
  • Beat Boxer

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